Love Or Lust
Love or Lust Explanation // Starting with questioning "Why are we dealing with these subconscious warfare".
This Is Not Denim
Wouldn't the release of "LIQUID RASA DENIM" feel incomplete without real denim alongside it!? #denimitup
Double Or Nothing
Improving production quality and accelerating supply to all of you. However, it all requires great commitment to execute it all thoroughly and perfectly. From the blueprints of planning to completion is a long process.
Ora Et Labora
We always believe in innovating limitlessly and working hard to reach our dreams.
Chroma Fusion
  Chroma fusion can be interpreted as a combination of various colors, models, patterns, details, accents, and items that Denimitup will bring to its upcoming 23>24 collection. Starting with the exploration of vibrant colors and the earth-tone hues that have...
6 Years Of Craft
It's been 6 years of our journey.

Thank you to everyone! Let's celebrate this sixth anniversary with our latest releases. We're sorry for keeping you waiting for personal or general releases from Denimitup.
"A World Unknown" HAM X Smiley

The second Smiley is our second collaboration bridging Indonesian and British brands.

This collaboration involves NIION, GIO CARDIN, EOM, and DENIMITUP. This time, the theme is "The world unknown," which is different from last year's theme of smiles and the outdoors. It's darker and trippier, but don't worry because it's still accompanied by the wide smile of SMILEY.

HAM X Yono Sugiono
Kolaborasi kedua bersama Bpk. Yono Sugiono menjadi yang kedua kalinya kita lakukan.
What's up, it's Quin. Right now, I'm in the Denimitup studio, and I'm going to try styling and mixing several collections, not just a few—there are plenty. I've created some looks from Denimitup's 2021 collection to their latest collections in 2023. Let's go!
"It Will Run Forever" HAM! Jeansku X Heiden HRTG
Introducing our 3rd annual collaboration with HAM Jeansku.
This time, we align with the spirit of a horse, to work hard, to run forever in the industry.
Denimitup x Evos Esports
The imaginary illustrate of another realm that are inhabitat with a
pack of White Lions fighting for Victory.
HAM! Jeansku X Vapepackers VOL. 3
Setelah melintas setahun dari @jive.expo 2022.

Sungguh senang bisa kembali bekerja sama dengan Founder dari VP GROUP @rhomedal_aquino Salah satu orang berpengaruh di industri vape.
SS 23>24 Pre-Release Ramadan Collection
2 years have passed since the “drop one to eight”
From the PPKM until we can roaming freely again

We are delighted to start a mew chapter with you in our SS 23>24.
Let's explore and push the limits to mix and match the DENIMITUP 2021-2022 pieces and a few 2023 collection with various of styles, starring @nathanael.mosstaking all these masterpieces.

The highlight of this drop is the newborn H1 series COMPLEX!

Why COMPLEX? The stitching of the parts consists of a complicated pattern that is replaced beyond the norm of ordinary denim. The pockets, the combined stitches, the placement of the waistband, the unfinished hem leg opening, and much more excitement to be told in the H1 complex series!

This particular collaboration came with 4 brands, HAM!Jeansku with their unique denim, EYEZ ON ME with their super stylish clothing, NIION as the playful bag brand and GIO CARDIN as a fun to wear sneakers brand.
This time we have the opportunity to work with one of the most inspiring individuals from the beginning of HAM! made.
Reminiscing events on the early 2020 gave us a reflection about life to be grateful with what we have in 2022 now.
Rian is a very well known streetwear artist/enthusiast from Indonesia. His Tiktok/Ig feed game is far from the regular level. He is an outstanding person also owning one of the hottest apparel brand called Demoan and Hecates as well.
HAM! Jeansku X Damn I Love Indonesia

Our collaboration offerings for Indonesia by making a work with the characteristics from both of us.

He is the kind of artist who likes to try new things and experiment with new genres to expand and broaden his versatility.