"A World Unknown" HAM X Smiley


The second Smiley is our second collaboration bridging Indonesian and British brands. This collaboration involves NIION, GIO CARDIN, EOM, and DENIMITUP. This time, the theme is "A world unknown," which is different from last year's theme of smiles and the outdoors. It's darker and trippier, but don't worry because it's still accompanied by the wide smile of SMILEY.

Last year, we used the H1 silhouette with many pockets at the back. However, after exploring the H1 complex, we've ventured into a slightly wider fit.This A1 alter fit is similar to the H1 complex but wrapped with numerous pockets on the sides (there are 12 pockets in this article).

Certainly, with attractive colors and openings with buttons on the inseam that can be opened and closed as desired (this is for more fashion), and of course, this article is made for both men and women! #denimitupxsmiley