6 Years Of Craft


It's been 6 years of our journey.

Thank you to everyone! Let's celebrate this sixth anniversary with our latest releases. We're sorry for keeping you waiting for personal or general releases from Denimitup.

Honestly, creating a release lineup isn't as easy as it seems. We have to figure out how to make it cooler than the previous season. The enthusiasm from SS 20>22 releases was incredible. It's been quite a challenge for our team.

But very soon, a surprise will be here! We hope that our latest creations and what's to come from the SS 23>24 series will bring even more vibrant colors to the world of Indonesian and international denim!

Starting from our R&D, we began to transform the HAM woven label into DENIMITUP. Some of our upcoming releases will combine leather as patches on the back waist and embroidered denim. We're exploring more batik patterns, different leather biker stitching techniques, more interesting overlock finishes, and, of course, investments in other denim production machines.

In essence, our intention is to explore and innovate continuously. We believe in going beyond boundaries and thinking outside the box.

Hopefully, this will meet your expectations to always "DENIM IT UP" in a special way!

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