About Us

Since 2010, elhaus has been known to provide the industry with its classic workwears throughout the years. Started off to accompany denims as their flagship products, elhaus' workwear have made their mark with unique fabrics and traditional stitching. While its experimental ready-to-wear line has been expanding ever since, there just wasn't enough capacity to move forward with both things in mind.

Even so, our passion in workwear never really burns out. One thing for sure, we know we are not alone in having this certain affection towards classic workshirt and patterns. It's just a matter of time for us to begin again, wandering around no man's land to find and explore new fabrics, patterns, and graphics perfect to suit and represent us and our attitude.

Along these lines, SHIPYARD was born. Shirtmaking at its finest, proudly presented in colourful and fun graphics to commemorate our desire towards the classics. Basic has never been so complete, and complication has never been so simple. Daily wear is what we do best. All aboard, heads high toward our proud banner of SHIPYARD.