This collaboration started from our community friendship. We knew each other and would love to work with each other. An opportunity has given us to work togther under one flag international brand called "SMILEY".

Smiley is orginaly a collaborative brand that has been going for more than 50 years. Their aim is to spread positive awareness through one of the most universally recognizable symbol in the world. represented freedom in the 1970s, defined music subcultures in the 80s and 90s and, in the 2000s, alongside the growing fashion and art status, became a vanguard of the digital revolution with the creation of the emoticons – a new visual form of communication.

SMILEY of course as the main collaborative icon, has made work with lots of brands such as : MARKET, ARMANI, RICHARD MILLE, CASETIFY and the list goes on.

This particular collaboration came with 4 brands, HAM!Jeansku with their unique denim, EYEZ ON ME with their super stylish clothing, NIION as the playful bag brand and GIO CARDIN as a fun to wear sneakers brand.