Arnadi baramuli also known as 8rook D is an indonesia musician that produces a range of musics but mostly focuses on hip hop. he is inspired by the art of hip hop because of listening to kendrick lammar in his early days in the music industry, as time passes by he started looking for inspirations in tyler the creator and jaden smith, trying to think outside the box, 8rook D does not like to stick and make conventional hip hop style music, rather he sticks with his true colour by making music depending on what he is going through in life and what his feeling.










Heavily influenced by the likes of Juice WRLD , XXXTENTACION And Tory Lanez. The 20 year old Jakarta born rapper tends to make his presence known with his melodic rap-vocal style. 







Half past midnight, is a song about regret, how we didnt pay attention to the small details of our partners until its too late, we want to fix and change everything but that person you love is already gone. And now all you can do is think what you could’ve done better with that lingering feeling of regret