Reminiscing events on the early 2020 gave us a reflection about life to be grateful with what we have in 2022 now.

Lots of cries and laughters with friends and family. we believe that we are still breathing hence has to be thankful.
Because of what? of course, still alive, breathing the air, feeling and living the crowd and happiness, of course to be healthy as well!

Thank God for that!

It's time to start bouncing back to strive the dreams, you have been longing for!
The title of drop seven is BLESSED, which is being grateful for all the things we have now, whether is positive or negative, all happened for a reason
and this drop will be the closing of our general series from SS20>21 before we go on with the new series.

Let's celebrate together the Drop Seven of the DENIMITUP SS which is a little bit Late, but hopefully will bring the beauty of Indonesian Finest Art that must be appreciated.